Looking to cut down on your everyday makeup routine? Well, permanent makeup treatment is the right choice for you. It is a technique in which semi-permanent pigmentation is added to the epidermal layer of your brows. Microblading is a revolutionary technique at Skinhance that uses tattoo ink to enhance lips and create fuller eyebrows and eyelids. If you don’t want to invest most of your time in applying makeup every single day, then this is the perfect solution for you.

How Does Microblading Work?

By adopting this advanced tattooing technique, you can get almost any kind of look you want. In this process, tiny hair-like strokes are made while pigment is deposited into the epidermal layer of the skin. However, these eyebrows are not natural and permanent, but you can increase the lifespan of your microbladed brows by following the instructions of the technician.

Microblading Treatment

Microblading Tips For Getting a Safe Treatment

Before you go for microblading, the technician takes charge of examining all the crucial aspects, like your brows, which will need to be measured to determine the size, width, and depth that are best suited for your face shape. Apart from this, don’t overlook these steps as well.

  1. You need to refrain from taking Accutane for at least one year.
  2. Tanning your skin should be avoided. You can do it before 3 weeks if needed.
  3. For the best possible outcome, try to avoid Retin-A or Retinol at least 30 days before the procedure.
  4. To prepare for the procedure, we recommend you avoid chemical peels for at least 3 weeks.
  5. Make sure to finish all your antibiotic courses with at least a 3-week gap before the treatment.


Micropigmentation is also another type that comes under semi-permanent makeup. It is also known as lip blushing, an innovative technique that involves implanting pigments into the lips to improve their shape, color, and texture. If you want to add more spark to your beauty, then this treatment will help you achieve more defined, fuller-looking lips. Lip pigmentation tends to last for one to five years, depending on the color and technique used.

Micropigmentation Treatment

What Are The Steps

When it comes to beauty, women are highly concerned and more caring about it. When it comes to beauty, women are highly concerned and care more about it. To enhance their appearance, lips have become the focus for many women. If you have been fed up and think applying lipstick daily can be tiresome, then permanent lip blushing is a good option for you. Here are the key steps that are required to complete the process:


We Numb Your Lips

The first question that comes to clients’ minds is, Does it hurt? The answer is minimal to mild. Before lip blush, a specialist applies a topical anesthetic and waits 30 minutes to ensure that the patient feels as comfortable as possible.


We Examine You

At your appointment, we need to know your makeup routine and lifestyle. Like, what lipstick do you use on your lips? Do you use lipsticks daily or occasionally? After examining all the factors, we make the best decision for you.


We Draw Your Best Lip Shape

After determining the best shape, we sketch your new lip directly on your face. As the process goes on, a specialist can ask you to smile, laugh, and make different facial expressions. The purpose is to sculpt lips that align flawlessly with the symmetry of your facial structure.


Treatment Starts

Once the lips get numb, we begin the process of creating your new pout. Our specialists use a small needle to place pigment into the skin with a quick hand motion. After the treatment, excessive ink will wipe away and bring a new touch to your lips.

Machine We use

Soprano ICE Platinum, which has been proven safe and effective for all body parts or skin types, offers the most synergistic benefits of the three most effective wavelengths for hair removal. Starting the process of removing unwanted body hair with laser hair removal can seem like a big decision, but if we talk about its outcomes, there isn't a better, more effective, safe, comfortable, and result-driven laser than this.

Achieving your best skin requires careful planning and consistent care. Follow our proven process for optimal results.

How Laser Hair Removal Operates

Body hairs prevent the skin from pollution and contagious diseases, but some people may wish to remove them permanently for cosmetic reasons. If you are suffering from a condition that causes excess hair growth, don’t hesitate to go for a laser procedure, which is one of the leading aesthetic procedures performed worldwide over the past two decades. If you’ve finally decided, you might also be interested in knowing the checklist before your first hair removal session.


Physical Exam

The very first step is that your dermatologist or physician examine you, review all your medical history, and discuss expectations. Discuss all your history, whether you have received any cosmetic injections in the treated area in the past 6 months or not.


Avoid Chemical Products

Please refrain from using irritant substances before and after the treatment.



A specialist should perform a test patch 24 hours before the hair removal treatment.


Waxing, dying, bleaching, and threading

Don’t practice such activities before treatment to improve your chances of achieving permanent hair reduction.



These should be covered with tape by the technician during treatment. If the laser is used over an area that is tattooed, the pigment in the ink will be targeted, resulting in burning, pain, and severe skin damage.


Waxing, dying, bleaching, and threading

Don’t practice such activities before treatment to improve your chances of achieving permanent hair reduction.

For more queries, reach out to us. If you are planning to take microblading or micropigmentation in the coming days, then consult Skinhance and be sure to book an appointment as soon as possible; all our specialists are booked a month in advance.

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